January 5, 2023 in Pressroom

Introducing Journey’s New President of Success and Happiness


President of Success and Happiness is a revolutionary title in the Payroll and Human Resource industry and one that is not handed out lightly. Journey’s focus is to keep heart in every decision. As they continue their rapid growth, this is one more step to make Journey stand on top of the Payroll & HR industry.  


Journey understands that their clients and team members are the soul of their company. Without the success and happiness of both, Journey would not be making the incredible impact that they are as a business. When a company grows as fast as Journey has, it’s common to see a business lose the human aspect. It is easy for the personal touch to slip away and the approach to both clients and employees to become something that feels merely transactional, also known as “Corporate America”. The goal to be a heartfelt business, with local ownership, is the America dream and the backbone of not only our country, but Journey.  


With that being said, Journey is thrilled to announce that their very own Ashlee Faulkner will assume the role of President of Success and Happiness. Ashlee is extremely well known with both Journey Payroll & HR’s clients as well as their internal team. She is a Journey shareholder who has been with the company for over 10 years. During that time, she has served as Implementation Specialist, Director of Client Success, Vice President of Business Development, and President of Colorado.

Journey’s Founder & CEO, Kevin Welch states, “The role of President of Success and Happiness was created with Ashlee in mind the entire time. Through every decision, we must think proactively on how can we improve the happiness and success of everyone that is impacted by the decisions we are making. Ashlee wakes up and is who this role is, there’s no effort needed. Her heart was created to help others, and Journey’s future is so much better with her devoting her time fully on our team members and clients.”  


Having an owner assume this title is a very exciting move for Journey. Ashlee is someone who knows the company inside and out and will dedicate herself to maintaining Journey’s success and happiness, through individual success and happiness. Journey’s team is excited for what is to come under her new leadership role, and they’re confident Journey’s clients will be too. 


As Ashlee states, “I am excited and honored for this new role for the company that is near and dear to my heart. The Journey team has worked so hard to create and develop the culture and values we have today, and taking the lead to ensure everyone inside and outside our organization is happy and success, is an honor. This is always something I’ve worked on, though now it will be 100% of my time. Our mission statement, Humanizing the Workplace, is where my mind is daily, and will always be at the forefront of everyone here at Journey.”