Inside every business, is a structure composed of different types of employees. Whether you have one or hundreds of employees, big or small company, we work to give you the most out of your payroll and HR services.

We’ve Got Something for Everyone.

Our processes are designed with employees at every level in mind, so you can humanize the workplace in ways that matter.

CEOs & Business Owners

The most valuable type of capital a CEO or business owner can acquire is human capital. With the right payroll and HR processes that best service your team, you and your employees can focus on the goals that drive your business forward.

Invest in the best.

  • Save time with automated routine tasks like payroll, onboarding, and reporting.
  • Run payroll from anywhere while we take care of any federal, state, and local regulations.
  • Simplify your processes with one secure platform designed for all your business needs.

Finance Executives

At the top of every CFO’s list is the bottom line. Staying ahead of the game and making sure the right investments benefit the longevity of your company is priority one—that is where we come in. Our payroll services include everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Big bang for your buck.

  • Maximize efficiencies across the board and minimize liabilities with experienced service and support – adding the value you expect.
  • Expect companywide results with easy-to-use processes that allows employees and managers to complete essential tasks from one portal.

HR Managers

Your responsibility is to focus on your people, not paperwork. Our responsibility is to help you succeed with a full-service payroll experience, so you focus less on the administrative burden and more on knocking out your toughest HR challenges and shaping company culture.

Here to help you succeed.

  • Simple, convenient access to payroll and HR database
  • A dedicated payroll specialist that is always available to help
  • Streamlined processes that eliminate redundant tasks, helping drive overall company efficiencies

IT Decision Makers

Having the right technology with the best security for your business is an essential feature in providing an efficient and seamless experience of your users. Don’t make things more difficult than necessary—our proprietary software delivers one integrated experience with cohesive solutions when handling payroll and HR tasks quickly.

All systems go.

  • Easy-to-use single software eliminates any redundancy and manual data entries and frees you from multiple systems.
  • All critical data and systems are always back up so no matter the situation, rest assured your information and data are safe.
  • All applications offer scalability with your organization to provide a consistent user experience.

Operations Executives

Every operations manager has eyes set on one goal: keep your business efficient. It is important to have the right tools to simplify and streamline workflows across your organization. Journey Payroll & HR services help drive out liability, so you remain proactive versus reactive.

Efficiency is key.

  • Track and store employee payroll and HR information with paperless onboarding and reporting
  • Automate, export, and analyze document verification (I-9, W-4)
  • All-in-one platform that transforms how employees access their data and complete essential processes.

Payroll Managers

Getting your people paid is what we do. We work to provide services that alleviate the pressure on your team, with easy-to-follow processes and our proprietary software so that taking care of your team doesn’t have to be hard.

Streamline perfect payrolls.

  • With the help of dedicated payroll specialists, online payroll processing, garnishment administration, time and attendance management, and payroll tax management, you can count on accuracy and accountability.
  • Enhance your ability to produce perfect payrolls by operating in one system, in which automated updates to payroll data occur.

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