Not only does Journey handle paying your employees, but we also take on the payroll liabilities for your business. We assign you a dedicated payroll team whether you have one employee or hundreds! You can pay your people with confidence and ease because we offer you a variety of payment options.

Small Company Feel. Big Company Technology.

With Journey Central software, we can provide proprietary technology solutions or simple integrations with your existing time tracking and HR systems. Enter, edit, and review payroll 24/7. Our easy-to-use software offers secure payroll anywhere, anytime.

Dedicated Specialists

Payment Options

Working with our partner ZayZoon, we have effective and efficient options for you to pay your employees beyond traditional methods of direct deposit and paper checks.

Prepaid Visa Card

Add wages directly to a prepaid Visa card for FREE. Once a card is set up, you receive account information immediately, which you then input into the employee’s Journey profile. A physical card will arrive in about 5-7 days. Employee must be at least 21 years of age.

Instant Gift Cards

Access wages in the form of a gift card that gets instantly sent to an email account for employees to redeem. Some card options offer up to a 25% bonus at common stores (like Walmart, Amazon, Target, gas stations, etc.). 


In addition to the solutions above, employees have the option to access up to $200 daily or $1000 per pay period, based on their earnings, for as little as $5.00 per transaction. Because this advance is drawn from wages earned, you’re not taking on any debt from a lender or as an employer. 

Our clients are supported as individuals, not as account numbers.

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