Journey has multiple options for supporting those vital human resources that keep your business running—your employees. We recognize these individuals are the lifeblood of your organization and often each have specific needs. With our integrated systems, you gain operational efficiencies and minimize risk. 

Simplify Supporting Your People.

Whether you’re looking for reliable background checks for new hires, required labor law posters, or an on-call expert to help you navigate the world of working with other humans, we’ve got you covered. 

Helpful Resources

Being part of, and managing, a workforce requires skills that transcend tactical execution. Our organizations and governing bodies require certain things from us that are in addition to what our peers and employees require. Both are equally as important. Thankfully, we have resources in place to help equip you to better address these expectations.

Background Checks

In a partnership with My HR Screens, Journey provides a pre-employment screening program that helps you actively manage risk with thorough searches that deliver accurate information you can use to protect your company.

Handbook Creation & Review

These two services are included in HRNow Compli, but can also be added separately to provide complete content review of existing employee handbook or the creation of a new one. Accurate and legally compliant policies are important for employers to provide staff.


HRNOW provides you access to a live professional to help walk you through the most common HR questions or concerns that come up in a business. Your HR expert then applies this information to provide easy-to-follow suggestions for handling the matter professionally and sensitively. 

HRNOW Compli

HR made easy with our HRNOWCompli service. A dedicated HR expert is simply a call away to help lead you through our HR solutions. Take advantage of this resource and evaluate job descriptions, create and edit handbooks, create an anonymous tip line for employees, and take advantage of several free background screenings.

HR Library

With Journey’s HR library, you have HR Resources at your fingertips. Simply log in and search for a topic to gather information and make informed HR decisions. 

Labor Law Posters

Although labor law posters aren’t the most exciting part of running a business, they’re posting is mandatory for employers with at least one paid employee.

You’re not alone. Let Journey help you support those who you rely on.

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