Our goal as a company is to be locally recognized by our community as the premier provider of Payroll and HR services to small and mid-sized businesses. We also want to be recognized for our community contributions and the quality of service we bring to the local Tucson market. We have strong ties to the community, and truly give our heart to bring Tucson the best service possible.



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Joey Medina

Pres. of National Accounts | Partner of Journey Tucson

Joey Medina, along with Audrey Good, opened their Tucson franchise in July 2020. While being a managing partner, Joey is also an executive for Journey’s National Accounts. With years of expertise and strong business intelligence, Joey handles sales, business development, and finance—always looking at the long-term for his clients and community.

What is Joey’s favorite thing about Journey? The vibrant culture and strong family atmosphere. He prides himself on making all clients an extension of the “Journey family”.

Audrey Good

V.P. | Partner of Journey Tucson

Audrey Good, alongside Joey Medina, opened their franchise location in July 2020, and have since worked hard to get where they are today. Audrey is Vice President and a managing partner of Journey Tucson, focusing on business development locally, support client relationships, and always finding new ways to share the Journey Difference.

What is Audrey’s favorite thing about Journey? The local ownership of each franchise, the ability to represent your community and add value to it. Each franchise is run differently, in the way that works best for them, but reflects the same vision and mission.

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5151 E. Broadway Blvd. Ste 1600
Tucson, AZ 85711

Phone: (520) 438-3480


“Audrey and Joey have the heart and drive to succeed for their community and their clients! I feel honored to have them be Journey owners.”