Owning a Journey Franchise creates a business model that aligns with YOUR goals—supported by a company focused on customer services and secure, proprietary software. All active franchisees own their own clients. 

Our secret is local ownership, amazing service, and top-of-the-line payroll and HR software. And, while winning awards is nice, we’re most proud of our staff and culture we’ve created that truly creates a Journey Family.

The Journey Difference is that we create more than a business; it’s a legacy.


Owning a Journey Franchise Just Makes Sense

Journey Payroll & HR offers unique business opportunities to entrepreneurial individuals who want more than just a chance to make money. Becoming an owner with Journey means you’re joining a “family” of local owners and invested staff who are focused on customer service. Yes, we are really good at managing administrative tasks, but clients stay with us because we put people first.

Set Your Own Pricing

Journey Franchise and most of our partners have set wholesale pricing, which allows you to set your own price, helping you create your own path forward financially.

Multiple Potential Streams of Income

Payroll and HR is the core of our business, though we have many other services that are in-house or through a partnership, allowing you to have multiple potential streams of income.

No Micromanaging

Let’s face it, you’re not at beginning of your career, so you should be trusted and don’t need someone looking over your shoulder. In addition, you are literally your own owner and boss. You hold yourself accountable.

Your Hours Are Your Choice

Part of being a Journey Franchise owner is the flexibility. We know you’ll work hard for your own business because you’re building a book to allow yourself a schedule that is as flexible as you desire.

Build Equity For You, Not Them

Every client you sell, you own as an active franchisee. As the years go by and your business grows, the value of your business for your exit plan grows unlike any other retirement plan.


Our mentorship is unlike anything else you’ve experienced. We make sure you understand the Journey Way, and help you succeed in your world. It’s about you!


As an owner, you have direct access to all owners, including Presidents and our CEO. The goal is for you to crush it, and we give you all the support and tools to do so!


Our marketing team creates promotional material around your needs. Our scalable model allows our team to also create you custom, professional materials.


We're big enough to deliver the technology clients need and want, but small enough to maneuver fast. We work with partners, as well as provide our own proprietary software.


Not only do you have a payroll team that is never outsourced and always personal, but you have the best team in the industry that's proven with an unheard of 98% client retention rate.


Our payroll tax team ensures that your clients are compliant and never have to worry. Journey’s tax team guarantees payroll taxes are paid on time and accurately.


Corporate Company

Insured & Bonded

Full Tax Management Support

Full Payroll Operational Support

Complete Marketing Support

Custom Marketing Support

Passive/Residual Monthly Commissions

Equity in the Clients You Bring On

As an Active Franchisee, You Can Sell Your Book

Create Your Own Schedule


Having a Say in the Direction of the Business

Job Security

Excessive Bureaucracy


Limited Paid Time Off

One Time Commissions

Reporting Daily/Weekly to a Manager

“Becoming a Journey Franchisee has allowed me to gain my time back with my family, be in a better financial situation for the long term, and simply enjoy what I do, every day.”

- Jaime Anderson, Phoenix Franchisee

“Coming over to Journey has been the greatest decision I’ve ever made. I’m building a future for my family on my own terms. I’m able to spend more time with my family because I’m not stuck on the hamster wheel of corporate America.”

- Matt DeSantis, New York Franchisee

“Leaving a corporate sales rep role was not easy at the time, but looking back, it was easier than I expected. Working hard for my own success is fun and easy, knowing I own and control my future.”

- Audrey Good, Tucson Franchisee

“Journey has allowed me to focus on growing something special. I wanted to own my future for my family and my community, and now I have that. Leaving my previous corporate job has been the best professional decision I’ve made.”

- Steven Harris, Phoenix Franchisee

“Joining Journey has allowed me to control my day to day and leave the corporate red tape behind me. The Journey team provides a refreshing culture to allow everyone to be happy, while succeeding.”

- Sonni Leatherwood, Beaverton Franchisee

“I am able to manage my day to day, with the best team behind me. Controlling my earning potential and my time is why I chose Journey. The earning potential is on a completely different level than being a sales rep.”

- Joey Medina, Tucson Franchisee

Meet with Matt DeSantis, President of Franchise Success

Along with being our President of Franchise Success, Matt is a franchisee. He is the mentor to all franchisees to help them become comfortable and confident. His personal, hands-on approach to ensure you’ll be in the best situation possible, is an example of how Journey does things differently.

Meet with a Current Independent Franchise Owner

Understanding the role from another franchisee is critical. After speaking with Matt, you’ll have an opportunity to hear from another current franchisee. This will allow you to learn more about the day to day, how you make money, and how you can have a happy ownership experience at Journey.

Meet with Kevin Welch, CEO

After you’ve met with key team members, you’ll meet with our founder and CEO. Speaking with Kevin allows you to ask any questions to the person that started it all. Having this key conversation allows both parties to learn about one another and everyone can make the best decision for the future.

Decision for All Parties...

Journey is not your typical franchise. We’re selective on who comes into our Journey family because we know that reinforces and protects the culture we need to keep in place. If all parties are excited to move forward, we jump into the paperwork and start having our marketing team work to customize a plan for your territory to maximize your opportunity.


Any pages on our website or print advertisements related to owning/starting a “franchise”  are for information only and not intended as an offer to sell or as a solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. We offer franchises solely by means of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Certain states have laws governing the offer and sale of franchises. If you are a resident of one of these states, we’ll not offer you a franchise unless, and until, we have complied with applicable legal requirements in your state.

The information about our franchise opportunity is intended solely for residents of the United States; we do not presently offer franchises in other countries.