Our core values, teamwork, and service offerings combine to create the perfect option for businesses in Northern Colorado. We work together for all clients, ensuring your experience is amazing, not just satisfactory. Our goal to be one of the best customer service companies while continuing to strive for the best technology and value. We’re involved in our local community and encourage our staff to make personal connections on and off the clock by patronizing our local clients.


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Kevin Welch

Founder | Chief Executive Officer | Shareholder of Journey HQ, Franchise, National Accounts, & Software

Kevin Welch founded Journey Payroll & HR in 2010 with the vision to bring service back into an industry that seem to have lost that focus. Today, he never stops making service a priority, while he looks to disrupt the software side of the industry. Even though he’s constantly moving fast, he will always stop to ensure his team members around him are his priority. His goal is to always start and end everything with heart.

What is Kevin’s favorite thing about Journey? Having a workplace that is filled with laughter and the mentality that heart is in everything we do. He loves working with a team that keeps up with the vision and path set for Journey’s future.

Sue Shirley

Founder | Shareholder of Journey HQ

Sue Shirley alongside Kevin Welch founded Journey Payroll & HR in January 2010. Today, she is a shareholder in Journey Headquarters and brings years of payroll, tax, and leadership experience to the table. Sue is in the fabric of Journey, and truly does start and end everything with heart.

What is Sue’s favorite thing about Journey? The people-focus. She has a special relationship with her clients and loves coming to work every day because of the second family that Journey has become.

Lina Freed

Chief Operations Officer | Shareholder of Journey HQ

Lina Freed joined Journey in 2015, and immediately hit the ground running. In 2021 she became an owner and today, she is our outstanding COO, overseeing daily operations, constantly strategizing improvements for overall efficiency and productivity and is a valuable resource for all payroll and implementation specialists.

What is Lina’s favorite thing about Journey? Being a part of a company that prioritizes motivating and encouraging you to put your well-being first, and understand that when the employee’s thrive, so does the company.

Ashlee Faulkner

Pres. of Success & Happiness | Shareholder of Journey HQ

Ashlee began her journey in July of 2012, and worked to make Journey better everyday since. She became a shareholder in Journey Headquarters in 2014, and today is President of Success and Happiness. Ashlee is the heart and smile of this operation and drives to ensure that every employee and client is happy and successful.

What is Ashlee’s favorite thing about Journey? Having a team that is built around family culture and makes every day the best day. Everyone does play a part in Journey’s success, and it is amazing to see how they put so much heart into everything.

Audra Sandage

Chief Financial Officer | Shareholder of Journey HQ & Franchise

Audra Sandage joined Journey in 2017 and has been nothing short of a supportive, enthusiastic, and invaluable member to our team. In 2019, Audra became an active shareholder in Journey Headquarters and our CFO soon after, taking on the responsibility of managing all financial operations.

What is Audra’s favorite thing about Journey? Our lively culture filled with so many impressive, diverse, and one-of-a-kind personalities. She loves being a part of a leadership team that strives to make everyone feel heard, respected, and appreciated.

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“Our founding location ownership is the driving force for Journey’s success by starting and ending everything with heart!”