Journey software works with virtually any 401k or IRA provider. This allows you the comfort and ease of leaving this piece of your business where you have it—giving you, and your employees, a secure peace of mind.

Saving Shouldn’t Just Be the Job of Superheroes.

We don’t try to sell you a retirement program that we own. We let the 401(k)/IRA experts drive the conversation because, well, they’re the experts. We’ll work with your current financial advisor or retirement Third-Party-Administrator (TPA), or make a referral to a trusted local broker based on your needs.

Retirement Set Up

Once you work with a financial advisor or retirement saving expert to set up your 401k/IRA directly, our team steps in to provide a full, seamless integration!

Step 1:

If you don’t have an existing retirement provider, reach out to your main contact at Journey and ask to be referred to a TPA or advisor so you can set up a program with them and turn on 401(k)NOW.

Step 2:

Once you sign up for the 401k/IRA, make sure your payroll specialist is aware that you’d like to turn on 401(k)NOW so  you don’t have to worry about reporting or payments. We got you.

While WE don’t manage your money, we DO help save you time and money!

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