Whether it’s providing seamless onboarding for new employees, managing a mobile workforce, paying your staff most efficiently, or handling a range of other details, your challenges depend on your industry.

Your journey is unique.

We are ready to help your organization succeed with best-in-class payroll solutions based on years of industry experience—making it easy for your wide variety of employees and needs.


Payroll and HR services for construction companies and contracts are unique from any other industry. Whether it be tracking and paying employees across a range of jobs and pay rates or paying employees without a bank account. Our services are designed for a workforce that is on-the-go.

Make managing a construction site easier.

  • Various methods to pay employees
  • Time and attendance (geo)tracking from phone or tablet
  • Options for Pay-as-you-go Workers Compensation
  • Integrate post-payroll job costing reports
  • Mobile access to information and pay

Cannabis / Gambling

We are in the business of offering all businesses the best payroll service. The cannabis and gambling industries face a unique set of needs when it comes to payroll service, our approach keeps things clean, simple, and accurate across small, medium, or large businesses.

A modern leader for business like yours.

  • Provide a full-service, automatic payroll tax administration
  • Offers direct deposit
  • Easy-to-use time and attendance tracking software
  • Prioritized support and guidance when you need it
  • Internal staff portals where employees can access documents

Financial Services

The finance industry faces many challenges, including securing data and systems and managing the trickiest capital-human capital. Journey Payroll & HR offers services that help you invest in your goals while maneuvering in a heavily regulated and competitive environment.

Minimize risk with a reliable service.

  • Using the right technology for a positive, paperless onboarding
  • Store secure reports and documents, all on one secure platform
  • Reports for the data you need most
  • Maximize your business’ tax benefits

Government & Education

Government agencies and schools face the challenges of finding and hiring the very best people, keeping staff and teachers happy, engaged, productive, and staying ahead of constantly changing rules and regulations. Stay focused on the big picture by implementing consistent and easy-to-use payroll services.

Give less time to busywork—more time to serving students and agencies.

  • Streamline a positive onboarding experience of new staff and teachers
  • Monitor a geographically distributed workforce with innovative timeclock management
  • Flexible ACA Support


Anything from delays or shutdowns to employee absences or miscommunications can be a costly impact on your production. Keep the line moving with better payroll service and avoid any slowdowns, you can focus on keeping operations productive.

On the manufacturing line, every minute matters.

  • Fast, paperless onboarding
  • Mobile timeclock with geofencing capabilities
  • Options to pay employees
  • Coordinating multiple jobs and rates of pay according to pay policies

Medical Services

No matter the kind of practice you run, our services can help you manage your workforce more efficiently. We integrate payroll and HR systems, time, and labor seamlessly so you can invest more in your patients.

Ensuring the right people are in the right place at the right time.

  • Helping staff managers track time and attendance more efficiently
  • Providing resources for employers to stay up to date on laws and policies that impact their workplace
  • Make it easy to store new employee information digitally and securely

Non-profit and Social Services

Finding the staff and resources to manage payroll and HR services can be difficult for nonprofits and social services organizations. We can provide you with these services to simplify all that busy work, so you can stay focused on winning hearts and minds.

Spend more time on your mission and less on payroll busy work.

  • Effortlessly onboard and manage employees
  • Ensure workforce well-being with expert HR guidance
  • Simple, detailed employee hours by job or department to support time and initiative reporting
  • Automated payroll processing

Professional and Technical Services

As a professional and technical company, we understand the sea of challenges to navigate while striving to give our clients the best support. We provide solutions that give efficiency and an edge so you can focus on growing your team without slowing down.

Provide more value to clients with less hassle.

  • Easy-to-use time and attendance software
  • Engaging onboarding experience
  • Personal training & support
  • Dedicated on-demand HR expert

Restaurant and Hospitality

Operating a restaurant, catering, or hotel business requires long hours and dedicated work. It can easily feel like there are not enough hours in the day. Focus on what matters, our easy-to-use solutions can take your payroll busy work off the menu.

Spend less time on the back end- more time with customers.

  • Modern, quick, and accurate payroll
  • Mobile access to information and pay
  • Flexibility of electronic payment options
  • Multiple job types and rates of pay tracking


Retail is a fast and dynamic world that comes with the challenges of wrangling staff, rounding up and manually inputting timecards, and possibly oversight of multiple locations. With our easy-to-use payroll services, you can get back to helping your team provide a great customer experience.

Make Journey your one-stop shop.

  • Easy, automated payroll that saves your time and stress
  • Smooth connection to your POS system to capture employee time worked
  • More effective time and attendance tracking leading to efficient scheduling
  • Paid time off, overtime, benefit deduction management

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