In 2010, Kevin Welch and Sue Shirley (pictured here) had an idea: Bring quality service back to the payroll industry. They felt it was almost completely forgotten by others in the field. And companies that did offer strong service (traditionally much smaller, local companies), didn’t have the technology to support what businesses truly needed.

From this realization, Journey Payroll & HR was created.

With humble roots and a commitment to “start and end everything with heart”, they set about creating a customer service company that does payroll…which has grown to a thriving franchise business.

Our Difference Is What Makes Us Better.

Journey Payroll & HR’s award-winning growth, industry accolades, and 98% client retention rate are side effects of our team’s dedication, heart, and desire to provide only the best for our clients and partners.

When you have phenomenal team members, a drive to always ensure you are innovative, local owners who are committed to their communities, and the benefits of not being beholden to venture capitalists or NASDAQ, you have a winning combination that makes you stand out.

What We Value

Our core values determine everything we do as a company. First and foremost, we believe in maintaining ethical business values. Journey truly cares about small businesses, their owners, and our surrounding local community.

We Value: Heart, Innovation, Honesty, Believing Everyone is the Favorite, and Taking the Extra Step.

Our Mascot: An Accurate “Illustration”

You may wonder what an elephant has to do with payroll, but a herd of elephants is a perfect simile for our organization. Jimbo, our cheerful pachyderm, was born from inspirational family ties within our ownership. He represents the empathy, loyalty, family bonds, courage, and attentiveness we strive to create every day.