Our Culture

At Journey Payroll & HR, we are all about people. Both the people we serve, and the people we work with.

This passion for people drives our family culture.

We value relationships, and it shows in everything from our industry-leading client retention rate of over 98%, to the teamwork that sets our standard. All these ingredients mix together to create a culture of people who truly care about each other and those we serve.

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Our Goal

We put clients first because we know our most important asset is you. Journey makes all of our decisions with our clients at the forefront of our mind. We’d rather be seen as one of the best customer service companies that happens to run payroll better than anyone, instead of a payroll company that dabbles in customer service.

And, we intentionally pursue innovation regularly and invest in technology—whether our own proprietary technology, or a partner’s offering. Journey aims to provide the absolute best technology solutions for clients paired with the absolute best customer service.

Whether it’s new services, technology, or discounts, it’s all based on the client’s needs.

Our Mission

We humanize payroll and HR for the workplace—bringing a more human element to the payroll industry.

Our future’s been paved by each individual on our team. Producing an environment where people love to work, think, and care creates the foundation for our second goal — providing businesses with the best service. We believe you won’t become one of the best payroll service providers unless you first focus on your team members. #workfamily

Our Values

▪ Heart   ▪ Innovation   ▪ Honesty

Our Purpose

Every member of the Journey Family knows they’re expected to do the following from Day 1:

Never Stop Learning

Being an expert in your role requires a desire to always keep growing.

Create Results, Not Excuses

We’re all human and make mistakes. Let’s learn and move on.

React As If It Was You

Be responsible and compassionate as if it was your resources or family involved.

Speak Up

Make others aware of needed improvements or issues that should be resolved.

Check Ego at the Door

Because we are a work family, we must always be respectful, honest, and dependable.

Be Proactive

Waiting is a time and reputation killer, so anticipate issues and follow up with clients and each other.

Have Fun

Yes, working hard and smart helps contribute to success, but to truly succeed at Journey requires the elements of fun and good humor.

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Our Benefits

  • Competitive salaries + bonuses
  • 4-day (36 hour!) work week
  • 100% paid insurance
  • 401k + matching
  • Regular staff outings and special events
  • Paid time off
  • and a slew of staff perks like in-house massage and chiropractic care, a dedicated “Zen Den”, robust complimentary coffee bar, and much more!

But that’s not what makes us different—any company can do these things. (Although they often don’t!) What makes us different is the genuine care we have for each other, and the support our leadership provides our team and clients.

What Our Employees Have to Say About Working at Journey

“I don’t mean to boast, but we have an amazing team of people here at Journey. Each person offers something valuable and unique. We are like a big family: the support, encouragement, and genuine concern for one another is an environment that you can look forward to coming to everyday, and I think that’s pretty special.”

“I am continually amazed at how amazing this company is - Journey is not just a job, it’s a family and a legacy of greatness in the industry and beyond!”

“I love that our Journey family truly feels like family – everyone’s sense of humor and different personalities are embraced and encouraged, and there is always a feel of caring and support throughout the whole team.”

“I feel very blessed to be a part of something so special & wonderful.”

“Journey is a wonderful place to work! From day one, I felt welcomed and valued. And every day since I have experienced how committed Journey is to creating and fostering this remarkably unique company culture. It is not just another office job; Journey is a community of genuine, caring, fun people who are dedicated to excellence. I feel proud, and very blessed, to be a part of that community now. I can gladly say, it is a true pleasure to come to work every day.”

“Working for Journey has been my best career move where team members treat each other as family. I am so thankful for each of you and marvel at what you have been able to accomplish! I’m excited to see where the dream takes us next!”