March 15, 2021 in Pressroom

Lina Freed becoming an Owner and President of Payroll Operations!

Lina has mastered the dynamic duo of working hard and smart. In the payroll world, deadlines are real, and accuracy is imperative. Lina has earned a reputation for her willingness to turn on a dime to focus on an issue, and to see the project through to its resolution. The Journey family knows they can count on Lina on a daily basis, and she is an integral part of the company’s growth. She continues to see Journey’s potential, and she operates in a way that inspires those around her to see it, too.

Lina is presidential material. Journey is excited to welcome Lina Freed as an owner and shareholder in the Fort Collins office! As if that achievement wasn’t enough, Lina has also been named the new President of Payroll Operations. The Journey team is proud of Lina’s accomplishments, and knows she is the right person for the job.

Journey’s CEO, Kevin Welch, says, “I look up to Lina in many different ways, starting with her heart, and ending with her drive to always want Journey and herself to be the best it can be. Lina is someone you can always count on to be 100% with you and to do what’s best for the Journey family. She is someone that you know will always have your back, and that is what I look for in every role, especially an owner.”

Lina is a Colorado unicorn. As much as the people of the world migrate in this day and age, Lina is something of a rarity. Lina is a fifth-generation native of Colorado, with three of those generations residing in Fort Collins. So, it’s understandable that her roots run deep in her home state, and her Colorado pride is evident.

Lina’s career began in the construction industry where she did everything from pulling permits to bookkeeping and payroll responsibilities to homeowner warranties. Lina has been with Journey since 2015, when she started as a payroll specialist. In the subsequent years, she became a Senior Payroll Specialist, then was promoted to Director of Payroll Operations. Lina attributes her success in payroll to her love of numbers, which started at an early age. As she says, “Payroll is a no-brainer for me.” That is definitely the kind of person you want leading a payroll company!