December 7, 2020 in Pressroom

Sonni Leatherwood becoming an owner of Journey Payroll & HR in Beaverton OR!

Sonni Leatherwood becoming an owner of Journey Payroll & HR in Beaverton, OR!

December 7, 2020

Sonni is a self-described Oregonian.  Her payroll career started in bookkeeping, as she reconciled transactions for a handful of different companies. While she was overseeing a group of more than 20 people, a copier salesperson was drawn to her outgoing personality and began recruiting her.  After transitioning into the copier sales role, Sonni realized she looked forward to getting outside the confines of the office and enjoyed seeing clients each day.  Eventually, she had an opportunity to combine her sales skills with her accounting background, which landed her an interview with a large payroll company.  That is when Sonni met Darcey Dearden and forged a bond 14 years ago, and consequently why they will make a great team, as co-owners, in Journey’s Beaverton location!

Sonni takes the restrictions during COVID particularly hard.  “My business comes from going out and seeing people,” she laments.  She recognizes people want to feel like they are connected to their sales representative, and that there is a trust value in face-to-face meetings.  Nevertheless, Sonni is committed to continued engagement with her clients and partners during this time.


Since her 23-year-old daughter is self-sufficient and on her own, Sonni dedicates her free time to raising her 118-pound great dane, GeeGee.  Clients be warned—prepare to fall in love with GeeGee as she attempts to tiptoe into the room behind Sonni during virtual meetings!  Don’t expect frequent sightings of the dynamic duo that is Sonni and GeeGee, however.  They can only be found as a pair in their natural habitat, which is indoors.  While Sonni loves outdoor activities like camping and hiking, GeeGee prefers the luxuries of home.

Sonni is a passionate listener, and a pro at dissecting what people need.  Her payroll knowledge combined with her dedication and loyalty to her clients is what makes her a great fit for Journey. 

Journey’s CEO, Kevin Welch, says, “When Sonni and I met, I could quickly tell that she would be an amazing owner of a Journey location.  Sonni is one of those people that wherever she is, the people around her improve.  She is incredibly smart and fun, and combining that with a great work ethic, is a combination the Journey family looks for.  I feel honored to call Sonni an owner of Journey Payroll & HR in Beaverton, Oregon.  The community and the businesses that Sonni supports, along with the Journey team, will benefit greatly from her.”

Journey’s President of Franchising, Ashlee Faulkner, says, “Sonni is everything her name says! She’s a ray of sunshine, a cheery personality, and a warm voice. I’ve enjoyed getting to work with her and love the fire that she goes into each day with. She’s determined, energetic and everything that Journey encompasses and looks for in owners and Journey team members. We are so lucky to have her!”