March 23, 2023 in Pressroom

Kirsten Madland Becomes President of Journey Franchising

Journey Payroll & HR is honored to announce the promotion of Kirsten Madland as the new President of Journey Franchising. Kirsten joined Journey in 2012 as a Payroll Specialist and has been promoted numerous times throughout the years.  Kirsten became a Shareholder in 2018 and is now moving into the President of Franchising role serving those who continue to grow Journey in other states and cities. Kristen’s combination of heart and dedication has allowed Journey to grow new locations across the country with each and every team member knowing they can depend on her. We would not be able to continue our exciting growth without Kirsten or her responsibilities as the President of Franchising.  

Kevin Welch, CEO of Journey Payroll & HR says, “Kirsten has been a rock for me and our team in the most critical growth phases we have encountered.  Moving forward, I can’t imagine anyone else in this leadership role for all Journey Franchises.  She has one of the biggest hearts you will ever come across and her dedication makes me feel honored to be growing Journey with her alongside me.”

Kirsten stated, “I am so honored to step into this role as President of Journey Franchise!  It has been nothing less than remarkable to be a part of Journey’s growth these last 11 years, and to witness all of the incredible milestones.  I am so lucky to have amazing business partners by my side like Kevin, Audra, Michael, Sue, Lina, and Ashlee, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of us, and for our entire Journey family!”

When Kirsten is not helping Journey grow, you can find her spending time with her husband Sean, daughter Chloe, and son Nolan.  They love to ski and travel whenever time allows!