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Journey Payroll & HR Welcomes Lindsay Kramer as Shareholder

Lindsay Kramer, President of Product Strategy, is now a shareholder at Journey Payroll & HR. Her leadership and vision drive our success.

FORT COLLINS , COLORADO , UNITED STATES , February 6, 2024 – Journey Payroll & HR is thrilled to announce that Lindsay Kramer, President of Product Strategy, has become a shareholder in Journey Payroll & HR- Headquarters.

Lindsay has been an integral part of the Journey Payroll & HR family for the past two years, during which she has demonstrated exceptional dedication, leadership, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. She started her Journey Payroll & HR career in a business development role, which highlighted her tenacity and ability to grow and adapt. She quickly assumed the role of Director of Client Relations, where she continued to exhibit her exceptional skills in building strong client relationships, while learning the ins and outs of all departments within Journey. Her journey from a business development role to a strategic leader reflects her commitment to personal and professional growth, mirroring the values and aspirations of Journey Payroll & HR.

“The last two years have brought me so much joy, challenge, and personal growth within the dynamic environment of Journey Payroll & HR. Our team is exceptional, and our clients are fantastic. The prospect of stepping into the role of a shareholder fills me with excitement. Discovering the intricacies of our company has been a thrilling experience, and I look forward to many years of growth and success for all of the Journey Family- all made possible by the outstanding support of my partners”, says Lindsay as she takes on the next chapter in her career with Journey.

Lindsay Kramer, President of Product Strategy at Journey Payroll & HR

Lindsay is not only a seasoned business professional but also a devoted wife, and mother of three boys. When she isn’t spearheading innovation and fostering growth at Journey Payroll & HR, you’ll find her enjoying mountain adventures with her family, or relaxing at their home away from home, in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

In her role as President of Product Strategy, Lindsay is to development and implementation of new innovations that enhance the client experience. Her visionary approach and commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends have been instrumental in Journey Payroll & HR’s continued success and as a valued shareholder and key leader in the organization.

Kevin Welch, CEO, says, “Lindsay is a leader from every perspective, demonstrating exceptional intelligence, creativity, and heart. She has a deep understanding of our business and an incredible way of applying her knowledge to make every part of Journey better. I’ve known Lindsay for about 15 years, and I can confidently say, anyone in Lindsay’s circle, is better because of her. I’m honored to call her my business partner, and lucky to be working with her daily. With Lindsay on board, Journey Payroll & HR is stronger, and together, we are positioned to achieve even more new and exciting milestones.”

Kevin Welch, CEO and Lindsay Kramer attend
Colorado 2022 Companies to Watch Awards Gala

“Lindsay possesses all the qualities we seek in a partner and someone to take the lead in various aspects of business. She listens to others and helps them understand while teaching them what they need to know. She is all things great, and we are lucky to know and work with her. I am excited to see what she brings in the future, and excited to see all the amazing things she does for Journey Payroll & HR. The sky is the limit for Lindsay, and I’m excited to have her join us on the ownership team”, says our President of Culture and Wellbeing, Ashlee Faulkner.

As a shareholder, Lindsay will further align her interests with the success of Journey Payroll & HR, reinforcing her commitment to the company’s long-term vision and growth. This strategic move signifies a deepened partnership between Lindsay and Journey Payroll & HR, solidifying her position as a key influencer in the company’s trajectory.